What is reVamped?

ReVamped is an unofficial companion and guide to the fifth edition of Vampire: the Masquerade (V5 to its friends). It supplements the rulebook with interpretation, advice and guidance derived from over twenty years of running and playing Vampire, across editions and periods, with players who love Vampire and players who had learned to hate it but were willing to give it another chance.

I talk to a lot of new players who have come in through the video games or the actual play series and are just not quite sure how to start or if they're doing it right and perhaps it's for the best if they don't...
And that sucks. I get it: this game is a lot. It's not great at onboarding people: it infodumps where it needs to summarise, it's explicit when it needs to be discreet, it's wilfully obscure and open to interpretation where it could really stand to just tell people things.

I wasn't sure what I was doing at first either. But I did it anyway, and then did it again, and by the third time I could see where I'd gone wrong the first time, and I had access to a webpage very like this one to straighten me out further. Which is why I'm doing this. Passing on the wisdom as it was passed to me, and so on.

Is this the definitive One True Way to run Vampire? Of course it’s not. But it is my way. It’s always worked for me. And after half a lifetime of running Vampire, and studying the Gothic literature and genre movies that Vampire draws from and evokes, and finally making an academic career out of studying and making tabletop RPGs, I hope I've managed to learn a thing or two about how to do this well. So...

Forget about the pages of rules and the handfuls of dice. Close the book, turn out the lights, and tell me a story about dark desires and relentless hunger...
-- Justin Achilli, Vampire: Revised lead developer

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